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Diane Higgins is an independent piano and composition teacher in Charlotte.   She comes from a very musical family, and several of her family members have made their careers in music!

Higgins Piano Studio offers year-round private piano and composition instruction and summer composition camps to children from ages 4-18.  The studio features 2 Yamaha grand pianos, recording equipment, a seating area for small audiences, and an additional waiting room.  For composition camps, the studio includes a computer lab of 5 studio computers with 19" flat-screen monitors, 5 studio Midi keyboards, and 4 additional Yamaha Portable Grand keyboard
It is my sincere desire that my teaching, the student's dedication and the parent's support will form an effective team.  By working together we can make music one of the most enjoyable experiences the student will encounter.
Diane W. Higgins, NCTM
4625 Mullens Ford Road
Charlotte, NC 28226-5040
704.366.4323 Studio
704.651.7384 Cell

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2019 NEWS!

NCMTA Young Composer
Competition WINNERS!

1st Place   Isabel Yang
2nd Place   Nandhana Ramesh
3rd Place   Anjani Kondapalli
HM     Gabriela Mateus

1st   Anthony Yang
2nd   Tomas Mateus
3rd   Elaine Tang

1st   Audrey Zhou
2nd   Olivia Yang
3rd   Shawn An
HM   Giancarlo Carpinelli

Charlotte Music Club
Shawn An

NC Federation
State Composition Contest

Class I (9 and Under)
1st Place 
Gabriela Mateus

Class II (Ages 10-12)
1st Place Tomas Mateus
2nd Place Anthony Yang

Class III (Ages 13-15)
1st Elaine Tang
2nd Torie Grecu

Class IV (Ages 16-18)
1st Shawn An
2nd William Pak

International Piano
Composition Contest
(sponsored by the Guild)
Giancarlo Carpinelli
Audrey Zhou
Shawn An
Sanjana Bellapu
Carter Craig
William Pak
Elaine Tang

Federation Scholarship District

Musically Advanced 2
Carson Garcia - Winner

Musically Advanced 1
Shawn An - Winner

Class II
Audrey Zhou

Class V
Carson Garcia
Shawn An