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Beethoven Composition Event

The Beethoven Composition Event encourages the creativity of young composers and offers an opportunity for students to perform their compositions in a recital.  The composition judge may recognize deserving students with a "Special Commendation".  The students who receive the “Special Commendation” recognition will receive a Gold Seal on their Certificate and their Composition.  Also, a star will be placed by their name in the Recital Program.  The thought behind the Beethoven Composition Event is to encourage students to compose, regardless of where they might be in their musical study.  Each entering student will have the opportunity to perform their composition in the January Recital .   Should the composition be for an instrument other than the piano, the composer must provide a perfomer.  As an added feature, the student compositions will be displayed on tables in the lobby during the reception.  Performance time should not exceed 10 minutes. 
DATE:              Sunday, January 26, 2020

LOCATION:   Miller Piano Company

                           5236 East Independence Blvd.

TIME:              3:00 PM

RECITAL:       Students may perform with music or by memory.

RECEPTION: During the reception, everyone is invited to view the student's compositions  
                           on display in the Lobby and meet "The Judge"!