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Music Academy of North Carolina
The Music Academy of North (MANC) in Greensboro offers a state-wide piano competition in November for the following areas:

Elementary (Ages 7-10, with 5-minute time limit)

Junior Ages 11-14, with 8-minute time limit)

Senior (Ages 15-18, with 10-minute time limit )

Elementary and Junior Division students must perform 2 contrasting pieces by memory.  The Senior Division students will perform 3 contrasting pieces.  The musical event format is listed below:

8:30-12:00 PM Competition for all students

1:00 Senior Finalists Compete with their 3rd piece (behind a curtain)

1:00 Master Class for Elementary and Junior students

Afternoon Winners Recital

All Events are held at:

The Music Academy of North Carolina

1327 Beaman Place

Greensboro, NC  27408