Higgins Piano Studio

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Apprentice Student Teachers


Graduating Seniors and advanced high school students are given the opportunity to become Apprentice Student Teachers.  Each Apprentice Teacher is assigned a beginner piano student, and they receive weekly guidance from me with regards to piano literature, technique, student performance opportunities, and billing.

Former Apprentice Student Teachers

Sarah Johnson (3 beginner students)

Brendan Shi (1 beginner student)

Natalie Popovich (1 beginner student)

Elizabeth Freeman (6 beginner students)

Cheryl Anne Arant (1 beginner student)

Melinda Woodall (1 beginner student)

Eleanor Nichols (1 beginner student)

Carolyn Higgins (3 beginner students)

Shana Fields (1 beginner student)

Peyton McCollum (1 beginner student)

         Apprentice Student Teacher
    Sarah Johnson